Rudolf Matz Eng

The Rudolf Matz International String Competition is a respectable musical event held biennially with participants from all over the world and internationally most prominent musicians and music pedagogues as members of the jury.

This competition, unique in the world made its popularity thanks to specific propositions – it is the only competition in Croatia, which is intended for violinists, violists,  cellists and double bass players who are competing in the same category, whereby the emphasis is placed primarily in evaluating the quality of performance, music and talent, rather than on specific technical skills on each instrument as in other competitions. Another specificity is that there are no age categories – it is categorized by the years of learning the instrument.

After each category, the Jury members hold workshops with interested candidates.

The competition was established in 1981, when it started as a small cello competition designed for the youngest. Thanks to its characteristics and the special atmosphere of the competition it is becoming every year more and more popular. So, in 2006. the Competition moved to Dubrovnik, has grown to an international level and expanded to the violinists and violists. In the 2010 Competition there were around 70 candidates from 12 countries.

From 2013. Competition is held in Čakovec, and since 2016 double bass players can also participate in the competition.

Competition organizers

Art School Miroslav Magdalenić Čakovec
Croatian Society of String Educators

Competition venue and Competition Office:

Art School Miroslav Magdalenić Čakovec
Vladimira Nazora 14
40000 Čakovec

Contact numbers

Phone +385 40/390-802
GSM. +385 98/390-802


Accommodation for competitors and escorts

T. +385 (0)40 304 200

T. +385 (0)40 311 255

T. +385 (0)40 310 700

T. +385 (0)40 384 195

T. +385 (0)98 241 232

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